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2016-2017 Season Information


Monthly Tuition

30 minutes               $40
45 minutes               $45
1 hour                      $52
1 hour 15 minutes     $57
1 hour 30 minutes     $62
1 hour 45 minutes     $67
2 hours                    $77
2 hours 15 minutes   $82
2 hours 30 minutes   $87
2 hours 45 minutes   $92
3 hours                    $102
3 hours 15 minutes   $107
3 hours 30 minutes   $112
3 hours 45 minutes   $117
4 hours                    $122
4 hours 15 minutes   $137
4.5 hours +              $150

Tuition is payed monthly, but based on the total number of hours of class instruction per week.  So if  dancer is taking 3 classes per week totaling 2 hours per week, then the tuition is $75 per month.

All fees paid are non refundable.
TCFA tuition is paid monthly,and it is due by the 10th of each month.  There is an annual registration fee of $30 for new students, and $25 for returning students.  In addition, TCFA offers a $5 discount on monthly tuition and registration fee for each additional family member that joins the TCFA program. 
After the 10th, a late fee of $10 will be charged.  There is a 1.5% penalty on any unresolved balance.

TCFA also offers a main stage production each year in May.  All dancers are encouraged to participate, although it is not a requirement.  Dance is a performing art, and concluding the season with a spring concert is all part of the performing experience.  The recital fees are as follows:

Music Discovery/Creative Movement/ID           $70
Ballet/Tap                                                    $80
Ballet A-D, Premiere                                     $90

Fees are due by January 15, but may be paid early or in installments.  Additional students within a family may receive $5 off recital fee.  This would be parents and siblings living at the same address.  The discount does not extend to cousins, etc.  All fees paid are non refundable.  Each family receives 2 complimentary tickets with their recital packet.  Families with more than one (1) dancer receives only 2 tickets in their folder.  This is why siblings pay a reduced fee for recital.  Additional tickets can be purchased for the performance.

The recital fee covers the following:  costume rental for all classes (student provides tights, shoes, and flesh leotard), sitting fees for portraits, 2 complimentary tickets (only for the first student in family-only 2 tickets are distributed per household/family), and music royalties. 

The 2015-2016 Season recital is Sleeping Beauty & Other Magical Nights, at the Clayton Performing Arts Center at Pellissippi College, Hardin Valley Campus.  Dancers will receive their exact rehearsal day and time, as well as performance day and time in March.  Dress rehearsal begins the week prior to the performance.  Dancers typically rehearse 1-2 times on stage.  However, if a dancer is in numerous classes or an advanced class, there may be more rehearsal times/days involved.

The 2016 Spring Recital will be "Sleeping Beauty & Other Magical Nights".  This will be an exciting show incorporating the student version of "The Sleeping Beauty" Ballet as well thematic performances of Modern, Jazz, Hip Hop Jazz, Tap, Lyrical, and all the other classes.

TCFA offers specialty classes in Competition Dance, Baton, Flamenco, and Zumba.  Each of these classes has a separate pricing and is not included in the tuition scale above.
Baton:  $40/month + registration for new students
Competition:  $50/month + registration for new students (additional fees may apply)
Zumba:  $5/class or class card of 10 classes for $40
Flamenco:  Call for more information

Join our newest class at TCFA, Zumba!
Zumba costs $5/class or you can purchase a punch card of 10 classes for $40!

Join the fun and feel great!
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